• Anyone who completes the Transportation Request Form.
  • Anyone that doesn’t have consistent transportation.
  • Anyone that lives within the designated transportation zone (please see the map on the church website).
    • North as far as Route 30.
    • South as far as South Queen Street and I-83.
    • West as far as Route 74/Carlisle Avenue.
    • East as far as Locust Grove Road.
  • Anyone who can meet the following rider expectations:
    • Maintaining proper hygiene:
      • Washing your body with soap and shampoo every day.
      • Brushing your teeth and using mouthwash.
      • Covering your mouth and nose with a tissue (or your sleeve) when sneezing or coughing.
      • Not using heavy colognes, perfumes, and items with strong smells.
    • Be prepared and ready at or before your estimated pickup time (the van can only wait up to 5 minutes at each stop).
    • Be physically able to climb into the van with only a step stool.
    • Immediately communicate to the transportation staff if your plans have changed and you won’t be available for pickup.
    • Within 15 minutes of the Celebration Service’s conclusion, load into the van outside of the Mark 16 doors. If there are any post-service meetings, fundraisers, or fellowship opportunities that you might be part of, communicate this in advance to the van drivers. It will be at their discretion if they will be able to hold the van for you.