All advertisements that are not related to the ministries of The Pentecostals of York or the United Pentecostal Church International or sponsored by either organization are strictly prohibited on the grounds of The Pentecostals of York.


All charity given is distributed at the discretion of the Sr. Pastor. The Pentecostals of York does not give cash, checks, or gift cards. The Pentecostals of York does not pay an individual’s bills of any kind. The Pentecostals of York will only donate groceries, and/or purchase or make meals for an individual or family (at our discretion).


All children eligible to progress to a new class will do so on Graduation Sunday, except in special circumstances involving a child that was held back a grade. For example, a child that is still in 5th grade would be allowed to join the Youth Ministry on the day that they turn 12-years of age.


Once a payment transaction has been successfully processed, the designated fund cannot be altered. However, you will still have the ability to review and track this contribution on your year-end statement.


The Pentecostals of York does not rent out or loan any property, equipment, or possessions to non-members, members, or any church/U.P.C.I. entities. This includes, but is not limited to: tables, chairs, furniture, instruments, sound equipment, or kitchen items.


All payments to The Pentecostals of York for events and facility usage agreements must be made through digital means, if available. Checks, cash, and money orders will no longer be accepted in place of online transactions where and/or when available. 


Only members of The Pentecostals of York who are in good standing with the Sr. Pastor and leadership team of The Pentecostals of York will be permitted to rent and/or use the facilities and/or grounds of The Pentecostals of York.


If a family member of the same household of any attendees of The Pentecostals of York is feeling ill, we kindly ask that the entire family would refrain from attending any church services and/or events. 

To be a member of The Pentecostals of York, you must complete four requirements:
  • Complete the Welcome to the Family class.
  • Be baptized in Jesus’ name. 
  • Demonstrate your commitment and support through your faithful/consistent giving of:
    • Time/Attendance – Services, LifeGroups, events, etc.
    • Talent/Serving – Giving back through serving in a ministry.
    • Treasure/Giving – Tithes, offerings, and special offerings. 


All unlabeled personal items that are left on church property are subject to being moved, used, or thrown away at the discretion of the leadership of The Pentecostals of York. As a general rule, please remove all personal items from church property to protect your personal items.


All food and drink is prohibited in the sanctuary. The only exceptions are as follows: snacks for babies that are not crumbly or sticky and will not stain the chairs or carpet, and the only drink allowed is bottled water (that you remove from the sanctuary immediately following service). 


If the van gas tank level drops below a 1/2 tank while being utilized by any ministry other than the Transportation Ministry, that ministry will be responsible for fully refilling the van prior to returning it to The Pentecostals of York. Reimbursement or payment from that ministries account or church funds can be worked out with the church treasurer.


Only members of The Pentecostals of York who were in good standing with the Sr. Pastor and leadership team will be permitted to utilize the church’s facilities and/or grounds for their viewing/funeral services and celebration of life gathering/fellowship. Non-members (including friends and relatives of church members) will not be permitted to utilize the facilities of The Pentecostals of York.

Due to the lack of full-time staff and fellowship space, The Pentecostals of York will not be able to cater and/or host any celebration of life gatherings. If the immediate family of a deceased church member would like to host a celebration of life gathering with/without food, they can speak directly to the Sr. Pastor to make the arrangements, but they will be responsible for all arrangements (food, setup, cleaning, etc.).


The standard behavior expectation for every student during a class, service, and/or event is that they will be respectful of classmates, teachers, and church property while showing the appropriate spirit of cooperation out of reverence for God.  If a student’s behavior doesn’t align with this standard, their behavior issues will be addressed verbally with gentleness and grace. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, we will contact the parent/guardian that dropped them off via text message, the projection system in the tabernacle, or through in-person contact. So, all parents/guardians should have their phones turned on and set to vibrate in case they need to be contacted by the staff.


If your child is feeling ill, please do not allow them to attend any youth ministries’ classes, services, or events. If your child becomes ill during a class, service, or event, we will isolate them from other attendees and contact you immediately.


Only youth ministries’ staff members are allowed inside the youth ministries’ classrooms for safety reasons. Every staff member who serves in these ministries must pass a comprehensive background check and agree to and sign both a ministry description and commitment form.

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