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Connections Lifegroup

Host: Kenny & Lindsey Walker

Location: The Walker’s Home – 1420 Tower Road, York, PA 17406

Time: Wednesday’s @ 7:00pm

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Are you new to LifeGroups? Do you want to meet new friends? Do you desire to dive deeper in Word of God? Then the Connections LifeGroup is for you! This group focuses on the basic principles taught by Jesus Christ to the New Testament church. Come and join them on your personal journey with Jesus!

Relationships Lifegroup

Host: Timothy & Sarah Partyka

Location: The Partyka’s Home – 20 Thomas Drive, York, PA 17404

Time: Wednesday’s @ 7:00pm

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The Bible is full of “one another” commandments that give Christians excellent instructions on how to build and maintain healthy relationships. This Relationships LifeGroup is focusing on these commandments on a weekly basis and would love to have you join them on this journey of personal growth.

Afternoon Lifegroup

Host: Jerry & Sally Tipton

Location: The Pentecostals of York – Large Sunday School Room – 3920 Farm Drive, York, PA 17402.

Time: Wednesday’s @ 1:00pm

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The Afternoon LifeGroup is the perfect alternatively timed LifeGroup for anyone who works evenings or nights or just prefers not to go out in the evenings. Bishop Tipton teaches quality Biblically-based lessons that are easily applied to everyday life. There is truly something for everyone in this group!

Evening Lifegroup

Host: Andy & Rebecca Ramos

Location: The Ramos’ Home – 321 Frys Lane, Yorkana, PA 17406

Time: Wednesday’s @ 7:00pm

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The Evening LifeGroup is an exciting and diverse group of fellow believers. Christians from all walks of life and age groups gather for a great time of fellowship, Bible study, and prayer. If you aren’t sure which group to join, this group would love for you to stop by and check them out!