• Whether it is a prayer breakfast, golfing, work night or softball, the men’s ministry is always active and engaging. Our goal is to help ordinary men become extraordinary through the power of Jesus Christ.


  • Our vision is to be a community of women connecting with God and caring for people. Relationships do not just happen; they are pursued and produced through love and sincere affections. God has revealed His love to us, and it is our passion to share that love to others.  


  • Nuestro Ministerio Hispano se dedica en tener servicios y compañerismo en español. Para los que desean cantar, adorar y aprender de la palabra de Dios en su lenguaje nativo. Ministerio Nueva Vida está aquí para bendecir a usted y su familia.


  • Seniors 60 and over gather monthly for fellowship and sharing …. and to support one another in prayer. We grow spiritually as we are encouraged to interact with our questions and comments during the teaching of a Bible-based lesson.


  • At The Pentecostals of York, we believe that prayer is of the utmost importance. We gather Saturday evenings in the tabernacle for a time of focused prayer unto our God.