Reading/Journaling Basket

2022-2023 Calendar Planner
Journal w/ daily scriptures
Notebook bundle
Pen set
Bookmarks, as well as a homemade resin floral bookmark
“Whispers of Wisdom” Daily devotional
3 Books- “May I wash your feet” by joy haney, “covenant by sacrifice” by ruth rider, and “becoming behavior” by ruth harvey
Chamomile candle
Tea bags- Chamomile and lavender, rose and mint herbal tea
Naturally flavored-gluten free Clover honey flavoring spoons
Floral Tea cup set
13 Hair clip set
Mini Floral Cosmetic bag
An essential oil- 2: stress away and purification
Floral Kimono cover (one size fits all), with matching hair ties

Spa Basket

Ruby citrus soaking salts and sugar scrub
3 Flourish scented bath salts
Lavender hand soap and lotion set w/ hand towel and tray to hold items
3 Essential oil infused bath sponges
6 lotion hand set
A thousand wished lotion
Chamomile candle and lavender candle
Foot filing kit
Manicure set
Hair clips
Room fragrance set
Aroma diffuser
Floral cosmetic bag
Floral Robe
Essential oil-2-stress away and lavander

Kitchen/Home décor basket

  • Floral bamboo cutting board
  • 5 wooden bamboo cooking spoons
  • Mug- “A yawn is a silent scream for coffee”
  • Candle 
  • 2 hanging Home wall décor
  • Ceramic succulent set with scripture
  • Oil warmer set
  • Wall diffuser
  • Pink Himalayan salt
  • 100% extra virgin olive oil-all natural cold press