Meals Ministry Recipient Request Form


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Who is eligible to be a recipient of the Meals Ministry?
• Members of The Pentecostals of York that live within a 20-mile radius of the church address.
• Members of The Pentecostals of York.
• Families or people that have experienced a significant life event and have not been served by the Meals Ministry in the prior twelve months (the only exception for this rule is the death of a loved one).
• Qualifying significant life events are:
-----the birth of a child.
-----the death of a loved one (immediate family member such as a child, parent, spouse, or live-in relative).
-----a major medical issue (health emergency, non-elective major surgery, cancer treatment, accidental injury, or other medical issues deemed significant by the ministry leader).

How are recipients selected to be served by the Meals Ministry?
• The ministry leader is made aware of a significant life event via:
-----online Meals Ministry Recipient Request Form submission.
-----word of mouth and fellowship circles (Life Group leaders, family members, friends, etc.).
-----the family or person who is experiencing the significant life event.
• The ministry leader confirms that the family or person meets the eligibility criteria.
What if a family or person is deemed ineligible for meals?
• We can't deviate from the eligibility guidelines for any reason in order to protect the church, staff, and leadership of The Pentecostals of York. Therefore, if someone is deemed ineligible for meals, we strongly encourage church members to step in and assist anyone as the need arises (without our guidance).

What qualifies as a meal?
• Homemade meals, store bought meals, and meals purchased from a restaurant are all more than acceptable. Meals do not have to be fancy or gourmet.
• Meals should consist of an entrée with at least one side of vegetables or salad unless the recipient specifically states otherwise (e.g., pizza, soup, lasagna).
• Breads and desserts are optional.
What other details do I need to know?
• If possible, meals will be delivered in containers that do not need to be returned.
• Meal re-heating and/or assembling instructions should be sent in writing with the meal if needed.
• The number and ages of household members will be considered when meals are being planned.
• Household food allergies and other dietary restrictions due to health problems (diabetes, etc.) will be accounted for whenever possible.
• These meals are a representation of The Pentecostals of York so they should meet all cleanliness standards possible.

When do meals start?
• When the ministry leader is made aware of a significant life event and all eligibility requirements are met, the following processes are followed:
-----A meals schedule will be assembled in the Services app.
-----Volunteers will be contacted about the need and given the total number of people, their ages, and any food allergies/preferences.
-----Volunteers will then be able to start selecting available timeslots to provide meals and list what type of meals they plan on providing.
• This entire planning process should take less than 72 hours from the time the ministry leader is made aware of the significant life event.
How long does a meal schedule last?
• A minimum of one meal or a maximum of two weeks of meals (every other day or seven meals, whichever comes first).
Clear Signature
I shall hold harmless, defend, and indemnify The Pentecostals of York, their leadership, their staff, their ministers, and members (collectively, The Pentecostals of York) from and against any and all liability, loss, damage, expense, costs (including without limitation costs, attorney’s fees, medical care and fees of litigation) of every nature arising out of, or in connection with, or relating to the usage of this ministry. The signature above indicates agreement to all the terms and conditions clearly expressed within the Meals Ministry Recipient Request Form.