Church Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is Church Center?

Church Center is a mobile app and web experience through Planning Center where you can explore, engage, and get involved with The Pentecostals of York.

What Is Planning Center?

Planning Center Online (PCO) is a web-based program for churches to streamline communication, organize information, coordinate events, and connect with others.

How Can I Find The Church Center App?

Church Center is available to download through Google Play or your Apple App Store. It is also available in a web browser version.

Giving Information

Why Does Church Center Ask Me To Enter My Bank Login Information?

Payment information in Church Center is TLS encrypted and stored at Stripe – a Level 1 PCI compliant payment processor. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. Bank verification is also powered by Stripe

Why Is There A Processing Fee When I Give?

When you use your credit card or pay electronically, the organization receiving the payment pays a processing fee based on the total amount. Our giving system allows you to maximize your gift by covering the fees. This is optional. Simply uncheck the box and The Bridge Church will pay the fees just as it has in the past. Giving by e-check (ACH) is the best way to avoid fees as it only comes with a 30-cent cost, regardless of the amount.

How Can I View My Giving History?

Step #1: Open the Church Center App and select “Give”.

Step #2: Select “My Giving” 

Step #3: Select “Donation History” 

Step #4: View your donation list.

General Information


If the van gas tank level drops below a 1/2 tank while being utilized by any ministry other than the Transportation Ministry, that ministry will be responsible for fully refilling the van prior to returning it to The Pentecostals of York. Reimbursement or payment from that ministries account or church funds can be worked out with the church treasurer.


Only members of The Pentecostals of York who were in good standing with the Sr. Pastor and leadership team will be permitted to utilize the church’s facilities and/or grounds for their viewing/funeral services and celebration of life gathering/fellowship. Non-members (including friends and relatives of church members) will not be permitted to utilize the facilities of The Pentecostals of York.

Due to the lack of full-time staff and fellowship space, The Pentecostals of York will not be able to cater and/or host any celebration of life gatherings. If the immediate family of a deceased church member would like to host a celebration of life gathering with/without food, they can speak directly to the Sr. Pastor to make the arrangements, but they will be responsible for all arrangements (food, setup, cleaning, etc.).


The standard behavior expectation for every student during a class, service, and/or event is that they will be respectful of classmates, teachers, and church property while showing the appropriate spirit of cooperation out of reverence for God.  If a student’s behavior doesn’t align with this standard, their behavior issues will be addressed verbally with gentleness and grace. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, we will contact the parent/guardian that dropped them off via text message, the projection system in the tabernacle, or through in-person contact. So, all parents/guardians should have their phones turned on and set to vibrate in case they need to be contacted by the staff.


If your child is feeling ill, please do not allow them to attend any youth ministries’ classes, services, or events. If your child becomes ill during a class, service, or event, we will isolate them from other attendees and contact you immediately.


Only youth ministries’ staff members are allowed inside the youth ministries’ classrooms for safety reasons. Every staff member who serves in these ministries must pass a comprehensive background check and agree to and sign both a ministry description and commitment form.

Live Stream

We are excited to be able to offer our services via Live stream every Sunday @ 11:00AM! You can also find our extensive service archive on our Youtube channel.


We believe that relationships are key in every aspect of life, the church should be no different. With a focus on our relationship with each other, as well as our relationship with God, LifeGroups are a core aspect of The Pentecostals Of York.

Acts 2:46-47

And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart, praising God, and having favour with all the people.

News & Events

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